Bonus Materials

Resources for Churches

  • Promotional Helps
    Use these matching promotional pieces, customizable art files, and sermon background images to help prepare for your Seeking Him study, or as a part of your church-wide experience.
  • Promotional Video
    Show “What Do You Seek?” to heighten interest in Seeking Him.
  • Communication Prompts
    Use these suggestions and creative starters to communicate with your church or group regarding Seeking Him.
  • Sermon Quickstart Guides
    Use these sermon prompts to help develop your own messages that can parallel the chapters of Seeking Him, in order to lead your church in a comprehensive experience of seeking the Lord.
  • Introductory Message Videos
    Use these videos to set the tone for several of your Seeking Him messages.
  • Making it Personal Handouts
    Use these handouts for some of the chapters so your people have easy access to the Make It Personal sections from the book.
  • Seeking Him Social Squares
    Advertise your study through your social channels with these images.
  • Seeking Him Prayer Challenge
    Get a daily email for two weeks with a devotional and prayer prompts as you continue to seeking Him.

Downloadable Resources